The News is Out, Webflow Acquires Intellimize

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April 19, 2024

The news is out, Webflow acquires Intellimize, an AI-driven website personalisation and conversion rate optimisation tool.

We make no secret of being Webflow’s biggest fan, and recently they have given us yet another reason. Webflow have announced their acquisition of the AI-Driven platform Intellimize, which is designed to support marketing teams in personalising website content for individual users, helping to drive conversions.

We have already discussed in our ‘A Web Flow that Works’ blog, how Webflow serves as a solution to bridge the gap between user-friendly websites and advanced code heavy platforms. Well, this acquisition goes a step further. Through this partnership, Webflow will address the challenges faced by marketing teams to have control over potential customers' user experience without having to rely on web development teams.

Webflow has the goal of providing marketing teams and website developers with the ability to easily personalise sites for particular audiences, with potential to customise designs for individual users. This advancement will allow teams to run personalisation experiments on their websites in real-time visual builders. Being able to compare the performance of different features through AB tests will also help to optimise the user journey to drive conversions.

Intellimize, co-founded in 2016 by former Twitter and Yahoo executives, has distinguished itself in the market by using AI to dynamically create personalised web pages based on user behaviour. This capability compliments Webflow’s platform solution that allows sophisticated websites to be created without the need for code. The union of these technologies under Webflow’s umbrella is designed to streamline the process of web personalisation, making it more accessible to marketing teams and website developers.

The acquisition, reportedly in the eight-figure range, brings most of the Intellimize team to Webflow. Intellimize has already proven its value with notable enterprise customers, boasting significant improvements in user engagement and conversion rates. For instance, companies like Sumo Logic and Snowflake have seen dramatic increases in conversions and business outcomes using Intellimize's technology.

Over the next several months, Webflow plans to integrate Intellimize’s capabilities directly into its platform, allowing new and existing customers to explore the advanced personalisation capabilities and experiment with tools that will optimise user journeys, driving conversions. This strategic move will not only broaden Webflow’s offering, but enhance its position in the digital experience sphere.

This integration heralds a new era for Webflow, and we are here for it! Watch this space, as Webflow transforms into a unified Website Experience Platform, facilitating personalisation features that optimise user experience.

If you want to use this new technology, but your website isn't yet on Webflow. Contact us today to get set up before this integration launches!

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