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April 17, 2024

4 Reasons why Webflow is the best web development platform to use.

What is Webflow…

Webflow serves as a versatile solution that bridges the gap between user-friendly web development tools like Wix, Squarespace and Shopify, and the more advanced content management systems (CMS) like Wordpress. 

With Webflow, developers can create visually appealing, user-friendly designs using a real-time visual builder, eliminating the need for coding. Websites can be extensively customised to suit your needs while ensuring optimal performance and seamless user experience.

To quote Webflow directly: “Build with the Power of Code, Without Using Any”.

So, what are the top 4 benefits of using Webflow?

  1. Customisation. With over 200 million active websites (Forbes, 2023), making yours stand out from the crowd has never been more crucial. Luckily, Webflow helps support your developer to do this, by allowing complete customisation to your site, with the availability of templates to support and edit where needed. The flexibility to jump between pre-designed layouts and custom code ensures your website can be exactly how you imagined it. Furthermore, the Flexible Box concept in CSS3 provides developers with advanced alignment capabilities and space distribution. 
  2. Speed. Webflow has a variety of tools to help speed up the development process, including shortcuts for duplicating/removing classes, responsive designs and images - helping to make your site suitable for any device! The features Webflow offers turns what could be months of development using builders such as Wordpress, into weeks! Helping your Webflow agency be more time efficient and cost effective, allowing you to get more for your money!
  3. Code and Plugins. Gone are the days of messy code output, Webflow prides itself on writing clean, W3C compliant HTML and CSS code, setting it apart from other  visual web builders. Webflow gives you functionality without the hassle of plugins. Without relying on plugins your site is able to work at optimal speed, and repeated maintenance and repair work can be eliminated.
  4. Security. Proudly building security into your website’s design, Webflow takes the risks of a cyber attack or data breach extremely seriously. Webflow is SOC 2 compliant, having undergone a full third party audit of their security practices. Using Amazon Web Services (AWS) Hosting and SSL Encryption your non-public data is protected through encryption. By removing the need for plugins, Webflow can provide more advanced security by reducing the risk of vulnerable plug in extensions. With an expert security and support team, Webflow can ensure the systems supporting your site are fully secure.


So, after reading this article you might be wondering how to get your website across to Webflow. Luckily, we make the transition easy. We work with you to either redesign your site entirely, giving it the face-lift it deserves in Webflow OR if you want to keep your site the same, but move over to a new platform, we can do the leg work for you, moving your design and content carefully across. 

Whether you would like your website platform to be Webflow or not, Jolly Good Web can work with you to advise the most beneficial hosting platform for your business, allowing you to reap the rewards of using an effective web development platform.   

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