Vantage UAV

Vantage UAV is a leading global drone services and solutions provider based in the UK. We were tasked with bringing their logo inline with their associated company’s branding and rebuilding their brochure site within Webflow.
Before After

Redesigning the logo involved following guidelines established by their sister company, Aetha Global, all while still introducing new distinctive elements and refining its application to ensure Vantage UAV remained a distinct mark that could stand apart.

With the site rebuild we wanted to take the opportunity to lift the look and feel of the site, with a focus on the way content was presented and how it engaged prospective clients.

Refining imagery, wording and animations, we created a site that feels more modern without distracting from the ever-important content and unique services that Vantage UAV offer. In doing this we drastically improved the performance of the site, and made the user experience a far more positive one for all website visitors.

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