Sustainable Life Coach

George is a life coach who has worked with big brands such as Apple and Gymshark. We worked with him to redesign his brand and website from scratch, with a focus on improving the user journey and conversions.
Before After

We wanted the new site and brand to reflect George’s approachable personality, removing any intimidation from the idea of life coaching while still showcasing the variety of services that George offers.

The new brand would lose the cold colours of his existing site, evoking warmth inspired by Georges relocation to Majorca. The focus would shift towards George and his services rather than life coaching in a general sense. 

We made sure that the free discovery session took centre stage, driving new user engagement and potential for continued session bookings. Using the integration with Calendly users can clearly see available slots for discovery sessions, streamlining the important process of getting their first session booked in.

The resulting website has streamlined the process of booking coaching sessions, and has refined the way information is presented. Ensuring minimal blockers between users landing on the site to getting where they need to.

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